About the Artist

I grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and always loved the ocean. I loved painting outdoors and went out frequently with the local art association. It seems like we didn’t miss many weeks despite the variable weather. I attended art school in Boston, and when I wasn’t painting or attending classes, I was roller skating. Unfortunately, I had difficulty with the long winters and decided to move to San Diego, which was perfect for both activities.

Laurie Allen Carlock

I immediately joined Spanish Village Art Center and have been a member since the early 90s. I also became a member of the Watercolor Society and went out every week while working as a sign painter and on getting my teaching certificate.

When I started teaching I felt that I had really found my niche instructing adults in a wide

range of art-related subjects. I explored the area and discovered my favorite location was painting plein-air in Balboa Park. I could paint there every day; it provides an unending supply of subject matter.

Back in the 1920s there was a really active plein-air movement; artists would travel by horse and buggy to find the perfect outdoor location. Among the artists of that time, one of my favorites is Maurice Braun.

My style is painterly style, meaning a focus on texture and brush strokes rather than perfection of line. I wanted to paint portraits and worked with Perrietta Hester, whose style of teaching and painting I liked. I quickly switched to oils, which I liked because of their blending ability. I’m still with Perrietta and painting with oils today.